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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the common questions we receive.  If your question is not answered here or if you need more information about our service, please call us at 1-201-512-4344.

What do I receive from my Public Business Inc bid reporting service?

We will provide you with daily bidding opportunities from State Agencies, Cities, Counties, School Boards, Housing Authorities, Colleges and Universities.

  • Through our daily publication, we report bids that are pertinent to your business.  For each bid we include the due date, description of work or supply, and agency contact information.

How do I receive my bid information?

Our publication is sent out daily through email or fax.

  • Our email service sends the publication in a PDF document.  Free PDF viewing software can be found at

What areas do you cover?

We cover two areas, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania / Delaware.

How do you gather your information?

We gather our information from many sources.  We subscribe to all  newspapers that carry legal ads for New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware.  Through our online newspaper subscriptions, we collect all bids available online through newspaper classified websites.  We also receive bids directly from agencies.  So we can provide you with bids before they are even published! 

These sources are searched daily to provide you with the most current bids and to help your company gain ground on your competitors.

What type of bids will I receive?

You get to choose which categories of bids that you would like to receive.  There are 45 different categories to choose from.  Here is our  Category Sheet.  If you're not sure what categories you would like to receive, please call us.

Why is Public Business Inc. different from other bid reporting services?

It's been a family-owned business since 1966.  We pride ourselves in reporting the most up-to-date bid information to you with our "daily" email or fax service.  We are proud of our 98% renewal rate. 

Try our free 30 day trial subscription at absolutely no obligation. 



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